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It is an absolute privilege and honor to work with clients in emotional release coaching. Every session is different and I am constantly learning from my clients.

Through their stories, they teach me about resilience, strength, and courage.

I am constantly inspired by my clients and their ability to face their struggles and grow from them. I am honored to share in their journey and help them move forward in their life.


It is an incredibly rewarding experience to witness the transformation and growth of my clients.

Louise xx

Client Testimonials

Releasing pain and fear during pregnancy


I found my sessions with Louise to be incredibly helpful. I'm pregnant with my first child and have been struggling with boundaries and expectations from family members. Particularly around their own wishes and wants for the type of birth we'd have, participating in and directing certain aspects of our pregnancy and birth care, the aftercare they wanted for the baby, and not being understanding of my husband and I's desires for our pregnancy, birth and beyond.


During the sessions with Louise, some old relationship wounds with certain family members surfaced. As well as the belief that I was feeling that I always had to compromise myself completely out of my own wants and needs. I was feeling resentful that other members of the family didn't seem to want to understand my feelings and perspective or couldn't compromise with me and meet me halfway.


By recognising these patterns and ways of thinking that I held, I was able to process the emotions behind these and be able to let go of thinking the situation was rigid and I couldn't affect any change or be able to do what I wanted. I was able to find a way to communicate to my family what I need and in a way that honoured my own boundaries as well as theirs. Something that I didn't think was possible or going to be easy.


I have since let go of being concerned about judgement for what my needs are, fear of how others will feel if I don't do what they want, and trusting my own intuition around what my mind, body and baby needs during this time pregnancy. And I am definitely less triggered and bothered by how others express what they want for me or want me to do when it clashes with what I feel is best for myself.


I loved working with Louise, she has such a calm and nurturing energy about her, and what struck me most is that from her nature I could allow myself to deeply trust her and the process she was taking me through. Thank you, M.

Now is the
to heal


Level of feeling triggered in my daily life:

  • I notice more when I’m being sucked in and its not as often that I’m in before I realise it

  • Have the space to collect myself

  • More clarity

  • There are times when theres strength

  • Don’t disappear out of my head, not as quickly do fears escalate – theres more space to think “that’s not so” and not get sucked into the vortex

Any limiting beliefs that came to the surface:

  • Having space before I react

  • I had lived reactively and not responding

  • Old pattern to let go

Changes in your body:

  • Body – middle age belly was hard, not soft. Now it is soft and squishy. Has got harder since I’ve been home.

  • Lost 6kg whilst on 3 months

Anything that’s released:

  • It took a few weeks to notice, I have patience that not all going to happen instantly

  • Grateful for space to respond to life

  • I was driving along highway, and it was like Old parts felt like they were falling off in chunks. They were being left behind on the road

  • I was being confronted and had space, chunks of old patterns were falling and dropping off.

About Louise:

  • You held the space for me

  • I remembered memories that I had pushed down

L xx

It has been both a blessing and a gift to work with Louise.

Her genuine, kind approach relieves any anxieties or doubts about doing this kind of work. She is calm and supportive in her guidance and knowledge. She has helped me open pathways that were previously stuck.


It takes courage and dedication to confront certain things but she walks right beside you in your journey.   K  Xx

Clearing the pathways

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